Following the launch of a new version of Just Checking, designed specifically for the needs of the friends and family of those who live alone and have dementia the company is launching ‘Your Voice’.

“Dementia is increasingly widespread; over 800,000 people in the UK have dementia, a figure that is expected to rise by 25% over the next decade,” explained Celia Price, director and founder of Just Checking. “Whatever its cause it ultimately robs a person of their sense of identity and has a big impact on their family and friends but a diagnosis does not mean that this will be the position overnight. With the right tools, knowledge and support it is possible for individuals to go on living independent lives, in some cases for many years. This positive outlook is rarely discussed, which is why we have launched ‘Your Voice’. We want to help people with dementia as well as their friends, family and carers speak out about their experiences and share their constructive ideas.”

As part of this campaign the company has compiled answers to the questions families most commonly ask, is broadcasting the thoughts of the friends and family of those with dementia, running a series of webinars, forums and planning competitions that will give sufferers and their friends and family a way to raise their voice.

Those who wish to follow and participate in the campaign should visit the company’s Facebook page, or email us at [email protected]