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Hello, we’re
Just Checking

Helping people stay at home

Hello, we’re
Just Checking

Helping people stay at home

Is someone you love becoming forgetful?

Just Checking is an activity monitoring system that helps people stay independent in their own home.   

Easy to install, simple to use, Just Checking provides a summary of daily activity, viewed securely, online. You’ll find no cameras or microphones here, just discreet wireless sensors and a plug-and-go hub.

If you’re concerned about a family member who lives alone, particularly if they are becoming forgetful, or have dementia or Alzheimer’s, Just Checking will help you understand how to provide the right support.

Many people maintain a good routine in the familiarity of their own home, and may be managing better than you think. With Just Checking you can see when help is needed and when a person is managing independently.

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How does it work?

Online activity charts

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Just Checking uses discreet sensors to monitor activity around your loved one’s home. This helps identify when support is required, and when they are managing independently.

Information is sent to an online app, where you can check in on your loved one from any device, any time.

You can customise notifications including:

Not up and about

Visitor late

Property exit

Door left open

How the system works

Install it yourself in just 10 minutes

A clear overview of daily activity

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Watch Keith's story

How Just Checking helped Keith remain where he wanted to be - in his own home

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View the charts
anytime, anywhere.

Log in at to check in on your loved one. You can view activity charts and summaries, setup notifications, and add others in the circle of care.

A lot in a small box

For just £3 a day you get:

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Order now risk-free

You can enjoy peace of mind for as little as £3 a day (that’s just £90 a month). If your loved one has a diagnoses of dementia, the system is eligible for VAT relief and costs just £2.50 a day.

There is no minimum rental period – you can end your subscription at any time, free of charge.

What’s more, if within 14 days you decide Just Checking isn’t for you, we’ll refund your initial payment in full. We’ll even send a Freepost package for you to return the system.