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Activity monitoring services that help people live independently

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Assessing care and support needs

Plug-and-go activity monitoring system

Just Checking is an activity monitoring system which helps care professionals complete objective, evidence based care needs assessments of adults with dementia, learning disabilities and autism.

In many cases, individuals are able to demonstrate that they can live more independent lives.

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Activity monitoring



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Redesigning support

Live monitoring and alert system

Just Roaming is a personalised, real-time monitoring and alert system which allows adults with learning disabilities and autism to live independently and safely within supported living homes.

Over time, Just Roaming can help individuals to develop their skills and become even more independent.

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Activity monitoring


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Contact our customer support team to find out more. We will be pleased to demonstrate the technology, and show you the benefits it has had on the lives of people who are receiving support.

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For a loved one

Just Checking provides peace-of-mind from as little as £3 a day

For care professionals

Just Checking provides objective evidence to support important care decisions

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