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Hello, we’re
Just Checking

Activity monitoring services to support care professionals ​

Hello, we’re
Just Checking

Activity monitoring services to support care professionals

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Improve your
assessment outcomes

Just Checking provides activity monitoring services that help care professionals complete objective, evidence-based assessments.

Discreet door, movement and activity sensors around an individual’s home provide an overview of daily activity to help professionals make proportionate care decisions.

A better understanding of when support is needed puts the focus on maximising independence and autonomy without compromising quality of care.

Our system tells you all you need to know

Outcome focused care

Through evidence based assessment

With the Care Act championing the importance of understanding an individual’s care needs, evidence based assessment tools have never been so essential.

A 24-hour, objective overview of an individual’s activity at home, in conjunction with other information gathering, enables practitioners to establish a realistic picture of the care required.

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A clear overview of daily activity

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Just Checking can help:

Deliver accurate assessments more efficiently

Ensure care packages are right for each individual

Provide evidence to back up care assessments

Apply a consistent approach to assessments

Allow individuals to demonstrate their capabilities

Reassure families & monitor well-being on an on-going basis

Getting the right care to the right people at the right time

Read the “Just Right” report

Independent research by the University of Birmingham and KPMG identified that using Just Checking can help identify over-care and improve the quality of life for individuals, increasing independence and autonomy.

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