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How does
Just Checking work?

How does
Just Checking work?

How it works 1 - Just Checking

Movement sensors

Small wireless movement sensors are placed around a property. They are easy to attach to walls, skirting boards or furniture using the Velcro provided.

Using these sensors, Just Checking creates a chart of activity,  where you can see which rooms have been visited, when, and for how long.

Door sensors

Just Checking shows when a door is used and how long it is open for.

Sensors can be used on internal and external doors.

In combination with the movement sensors,  you can tell when visits have been received, when an individual leaves or enters the property, and how long they are out.

Activity sensors

Exclusive to Just Checking, discreet activity sensors can be placed in unobtrusive positions on a number of household items, such as kettles, the inside of fridge doors, toilet cisterns and medication drawers. We’re happy to advise on where these innovative sensors can be best used to get the most insightful data. 

These sensors show when these items are being moved, which help give an in-depth picture of an individual’s capability.

Heat and light data

Sensors are able to detect the heat level in different rooms, so changes can be made if any one room is either too hot or too cold.    

Sensors are also able to detect the light level within a property. This can be helpful to see whether lights are being turned on, or if curtains are being opened, as an indication of appropriate self-care.

Plug & go hub

Information from the sensors goes to the hub, and uploads to our secure servers.

The hub simply plugs in somewhere out the way. No need for broadband or wi-fi as the hub has its own SIM.

View the charts anytime, anywhere

You can log into Just Checking to view the activity charts, add new users and set up notifications on any smart device with an internet connection.

So whether you’re out and about or in the office, you can ‘just check’ any time.