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Independence in Supported Living

Just Roaming 1 - Just Checking

Independence in Supported Living

Independence, choice and control

Just Roaming is a personalised, real-time monitoring and alert system, which allows adults with learning disabilities and autism to live independently and safely within supported living homes. 

Just Roaming uses sensors installed in a property, to send live alerts to a mobile phone app. A roaming support team can oversee and respond to a group of flats or homes within a closed geographical area. 

Alerts can be highly personalised and responses are generally quicker compared to a sleep-in. The individual has more independence, choice and control, safe in the knowledge there is support when they need it.

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How it works

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It's all about the individual

Alerts are personalised to the needs of the individual. Sensors are selected from a range of door, bed, activity and sound sensors and the system will integrate with a wide range of other telecare and digital devices so that all alerts can be managed on one system.

Management oversight

The management dashboard captures the full history of alerts and responses, and provides a detailed oversight for managers. Activity charts show where an individual has spent their time, and the interaction between alerts, staff response and its effect.

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Building independence

A better understanding helps teams to continually review and adjust the support, making incremental improvements in independence and playing to the strengths of each person. 

For some people this is life-changing. Individuals who have never spent time alone have been able to demonstrate their capability to choose how to spend their personal time.

The process is focussed on the person being supported; the right technology is used to complement staff support in a way that maximises independence, and makes sense for them.

Just Roaming can:

Provide personalised, targeted support

Improve response times to incidents

Allow for better management oversight

Plan for complex support needs

Increase independence over time

Reassure families & monitor well-being on an on-going basis

Like to know more?

Contact our customer support team to find out more. We will be pleased to demonstrate the technology, and show you the benefits it has had on the lives of people who are receiving support.

Sharing good practice

Share the experience and good practice from Stirling’s first Just Roaming scheme. Request access to videos of the commissioners, care managers, care provider and support staff who worked on the scheme.

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