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Reablement 1 - Just Checking

Using Just Checking in reablement services

What is Just Checking?

Just Checking is an activity monitoring system which helps care professionals complete objective, evidence-based care needs assessments. The Just Checking System is a temporary set up, consisting of motion, activity and door sensors which generate a chart of activity showing individuals’ day-to-day capabilities.

Just Checking and reablement

The Daily Living System enables care professionals to measure progress against agreed objectives and help individuals regain the confidence and daily living skills which have been lost due to illness or injury. Evidence from using the system helps care professionals to confidently make recommendations about what care and assistive aids an individual should be receiving.

Reablement 3 - Just Checking

Evaluate how Just Checking can support future care planning, improve independence and optimise care for citizens discharged from hospital.

Manchester City Council conducted an independent pilot of Just Checking technology in their reablement pathway, spanning 10 months from July 2022 to May 2023. The pilot was compared against a control group and evaluated against four markers:

The Just Checking Cohort...

Next steps for Manchester

Reablement 4 - Just Checking

Ruth was admitted to hospital following a fall that resulted in a broken shoulder. When Ruth was discharged from the hospital she entered reablement, with her assessor believing she would need further support when the service ended.

Initially, Ruth was receiving 14 hours of support a week to aid with meal preparation, fluid and nutrition, personal care and medication. The assessor was not confident that Ruth was doing as much as she said she was, so Just Checking was installed to monitor any changes in needs, use of appliances and bathroom visits.

Whilst Ruth’s support was already scheduled to reduce as she progressed through reablement, the Just Checking system evidenced use of kitchen appliances at meal times. This highlighted that Ruth no longer required assistance with fluid and nutrition.

The Just Checking system worked in conjunction with face to face discussions with Ruth and her support staff, and weekly reablement progress reports to review what an appropriate level of care would look like for Ruth.

Just Checking had a big impact upon determining the level of support for Ruth, the system’s evidence also facilitated an earlier decision to be made. It was determined that Ruth could live independently without the need for ongoing service.

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Reablement 5 - Just Checking