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Learning Disabilities & Autism 1 - Just Checking

A powerful assessment tool

Just Checking brings a deeper understanding of needs of adults with learning disabilities and/or autism.

It is a powerful assessment tool when care packages are being reviewed.

The objective evidence from the system can be used to ask the right questions, make adjustments to care, and to support decisions that promote more independence.

We use Just Checking to get objective evidence enabling us to get the best outcomes for each individual. Margaret Bennet, Assistive Technology Lead Occupational Therapist, Peterborough County Council

How does it work?

  • The system creates a summary of activity which you view securely online
  • No cameras, just discreet wireless movement and door sensors.
  • Sensors attach around the property with Velcro, plug in the hub.
  • No internet connection is needed within the property;  the system has a roaming mobile SIM.

A clear summary of daily activity

Our chart tells you all you need to know

Learning Disabilities & Autism 2 - Just Checking

I would really encourage other local authorities to try and utilise or have a look at this type of technology because it allows service users to get exactly the level of care that they need. Dyane Aspinall, Programme Director, Liverpool City Council

Getting the right care to the right people at the right time

Read the “Just Right” report

Independent research by the University of Birmingham and KPMG identified that using Just Checking can help identify over-care and improve the quality of life for individuals, increasing independence and autonomy.

Learning Disabilities & Autism 3 - Just Checking

Just Roaming

Just Roaming is our real-time monitoring system that enables professionals to redesign the way they deliver overnight support. It is a new model of overnight support for adults in supported living which is proving to be best practice.

How it works

Just Roaming uses sensors, permanently installed in a property, to send live alerts to a mobile phone app. A roaming support team can oversee and respond to a group of flats or homes within a close geographical area. Alerts can be highly personalised and responses are generally quicker than a sleep-in; at the same time, the individual has more independence, choice and control, knowing there is support when they need it.

Contact our customer support team to find out more. We will be pleased to come and demonstrate the technology, show you how it is being used, and the benefits it has had on the lives of individuals who are receiving support.

Learning Disabilities & Autism 4 - Just Checking

Just Checking can help:

Deliver accurate assessments more efficiently

Ensure care packages are right for each individual

Provide evidence to back up care assessments

Apply a consistent approach to assessments

Allow individuals to demonstrate their capabilities

Reassure families & monitor well-being on an on-going basis