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See where support is needed

Just Checking uses discrete movement and door sensors to provide an overview of how adults in supported living are managing in their own home.

Just Checking gives an insight on how to best provide support. That means an individual can live more independently, and gradually extend their independence, with support when it is required.

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How Just Checking helped one man live more independently – and achieve his aspiration

Just Roaming

Just Roaming is our real-time system for people in supported living. It is the technology behind flexible, responsive overnight support, helping individuals to be independent, with the back-up of a fast response when needed.

Just Roaming uses sensors to send live alerts to a mobile phone. When an alert is raised, a roaming support worker responds. Alerts are personalised to the needs of the individual, so that the right support is provided at the right time. This could be reassurance and guidance for someone who has been to the bathroom, is now in the kitchen and not returned to bed, or immediate attention if, for example, someone is having a seizure.

Just Roaming is proving more personalised and timely than sleep-in support, and has transformed the independence, choice and control of those who are being supported.

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