About us

About us

We’re a specialist-led company that works closely with our health and social care clients to use technology to enhance the quality of social care.

The first Just Checking system was developed as a result of talking to the families of people with dementia, who told us how much they worry about their relative who lives alone. In 2004, we piloted the system with local authorities, to help practitioners understand the needs and abilities of individuals with dementia. Today, 70% of UK local authorities use Just Checking for assessment and care planning across learning disabilities, older adults and reablement; thousands of professionals and families log on each day.

Just Roaming is a personalised, real-time monitoring and alert system, which allows adults with learning disabilities and autism to live independently and safely within supported living homes.

You’ll hear a friendly, helpful voice if you ring us.

Amy Lewis

Amy Lewis

Operations Director

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Matt Creak

Technical Director

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Helen Ansell

Customer Support Manager

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Jude Duffield

Customer Support & Technical Support

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Joe Clarke

Customer Support Assistant

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Sarah Stacey

Head of Account Management

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Jenna Frost

Sales and Account Manager

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Carlie Davies

Accounts Administrator

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David Searle

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Sam Walters

Product Marketing Manager

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Dwayne Mathers

Just Roaming Specialist

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Logan Shave

Just Roaming Specialist

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Emma Malone

Assessment Coordinator

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Alan Gannon

Assessment Coordinator

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Celia Price

Founder, Director

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Simon Price

Founder, Director