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65% of dementia carers wish they had known more about the condition

65% of people caring for someone with dementia wish they had known more about the condition at the outset according to a survey being published today by Just Checking.

Respondents gave a number of reasons for wishing they had been more aware of the condition, including being able to get the right support in place earlier, and planning for the long term financially.

One respondent said: “Mum was drastically reducing all her commitments and she was very anxious about it … I wish we could have planned better to make the money last longer or used it to adapt the house for them.”

Over 40% of respondents cited unusual behaviour as the first sign that something was wrong, such as placing objects around the house or continually checking on items such as keys/wallets. At this time of year families may have concerns about a relative’s behaviour following visits over the festive period.  Their next step is to find out more about but, according to the survey, there is a problem with finding meaningful information about the condition.  They feel they disappear into the ‘signposting circle’ in which each organisation simply signposts them somewhere else.

To address the issues raised in the survey and give families the information and insight they want and need Just Checking has published essential FAQs.

Co-founder and Director of Just Checking Celia Price explained: “We’ve been working with the families of people living with dementia for many years and have seen time and again the same concerns.  We wanted to document and help address these issues; the FAQs are now a means to help others facing a similar situation.  There is a lot of signposting to services out there, but a lack of real information for those facing this growing epidemic. We’d like to play a part in changing that.”

You can read the FAQs here Frequently Asked Questions About Dementia

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