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Reablement 1 - Just Checking

Promoting independence

Specifically developed for reablement services, the Daily Living System combines door and movement monitoring with activity sensors and a unique sequencing tool.

Using small sensors placed on household objects essential to an individual’s daily routine, the Daily Living System shows when tasks set as part of a reablement pathway have been completed.

Using the Daily Living System, care professionals can deliver more accurate assessments over a shorter period, speed up reablement and provide individuals with the confidence and skills they need to continue living at home.

Just Checking turns care management on its head. Your starting point becomes ‘what are people’s abilities?’ rather than what they can’t do. Claire Thornley, Occupational Therapist

How does it work?

  • The system creates a clear summary of activity that you can view securely online in easy-to-read charts.
  • There are no cameras or microphones, just discreet wireless movement, door and activity sensors with a plug-in hub.
  • The movement sensors are simple to install around the property with velcro pads, while the hub just needs an electrical supply.
  • The activity sensors attach to household objects such as kettles, toasters, shower heads etc.
  • No internet connection is required in the property as the system operates with a roaming mobile sim.

A clear summary of daily activity

Our chart tells you all you need to know

Reablement 2 - Just Checking

The Daily Living System supports OTs working in reablement, helping with assessments by giving unbiased evidence of the progress being made. Rosie Goy, Occupational Therapist

Just Checking can help:

Provide evidence of an individual’s ability to complete daily living tasks, without direct observation

Increase the speed of reablement

Deliver accurate assessments more efficiently

Reduce/eliminate future care packages and promote independence

Enable earlier intervention, reducing delays in hospital discharge

Deliver a consistent assessment model using objective data to support decision making