Project Description

Clackmannanshire and Stirling Health and Social Care Partnership October 2019
Dwayne Mathers, Senior Support Worker
The Richmond Fellowship


Key points & transcript (.pdf)


  • Greater independence. It is possible for individuals to have time on their own, and they appreciate ‘me time’. This gives more independence, flexibility and choice first thing in the morning or at night. Some individuals have not had time alone for 40 years, but have responded positively.
  • Less disturbance from support staff at night (eg staff toilet visit at night, staff getting up early to prepare for the day) means improved sleep patterns and better days.
  • Responsive support when needed, based on fact; activities that require care are not missed.
  • Alerts are tailored and pertinent to the individual. Individuals with complex needs have successfully used the system and been settled throughout the changes.
  • Response times often quicker than sleep-in, which stops the situation escalating.