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Welcome to Just Roaming

What is Just Roaming?

Welcome to Just Roaming. We are delighted to be able to work with you to bring Just Roaming to your service and help you to realise all the benefits the system can provide.

This page contains various resources that will help give you a better understanding of Just Roaming, the process, and the tools you can use to support individuals and their families and staff.

You can learn more about the system here.

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The Process

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1. Identify Site

2. Consent and Introduction

3. Baseline and TEC
Support Plan

Our specialists work with you to understand the needs of your service and can indicate if it is suitable.

We work with you to explain the technology and the process behind it. We engage with the individual, their family and your staff teams.

A baseline assessment of the individual and a connectivity survey of the property are completed. Each person receives a personalised TEC Support Plan.

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4. Site Proposal and Quote

5. Installation

6. Training and Go Live

We supply a written proposal summarising service benefits, responsibilities and next steps. Alongside the proposal is an all inclusive quotation with no hidden costs!

Our Just Roaming team will liaise with services to book a suitable date and time to install any equipment.

We provide onsite training for staff members using the system and will make ourselves available for your first shift, guaranteeing you a smooth start.

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7. Embedding Period

8. Checks and
Ongoing Support

9. Annual Review and Outcomes

We ensure that the objectives in our initial proposal are achieved, and the technology is functioning as expected. Any amendments to the system are covered under your initial cost.

For the life of your Just Roaming contract, you have access to our office-hours support team and out-of-hours 24/7 emergency support line. We also provide you with on-going maintenance and regular reports.

During implementation, we collaborate on defining site objectives such as minimum response times or support pattern changes. We review objectives with you regularly, adapting them as needed and evidencing any changes using the system data.



This resources section has videos, leaflets and other resources to support your conversations about Just Roaming. We provide full training and can join meetings or demonstrate the technology if appropriate.

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